Celebrating Children’s Day

Kick-starting the month of April, and flirting with the heat of the summer and vacation, one very special day stands out from the rest; Children"s Day.

 Children"s Day is celebrated in more than 45 countries around the world, including Mexico, United States, Japan, Germany, and Australia. But even though most people know about this day, only a few know of its origin.

 At the end of WWI, along came a global concern for Children"s rights, same concern that would ignite an activist movement that would bring a proposal for a declaration of children"s rights.

 This Declaration would come to be known as the Geneva Declaration of the rights of the Child, which would be approved by the UN on September 26th 1924. Once this declaration was approved, many countries started adopting an official day to celebrate children.

Today, among candy, toys, and cake, we celebrate the rights that protect the future of our nations, of our planet, and of our very own species; we celebrate their innocence and their ability to draw a smile on the face of the most moody and grumpy, we celebrate life and its wonders, but above all, we celebrate our innate need to protect our own.

This children"s day, celebrate your children, your families", your friends", your neighbors", and why not? Celebrate the child that lives within you. Happy Children"s Day!